I always feel urgent about my life, while “search for identity” is a kind of crisis awareness in a sense.

Soon after starting photography in 2017, I spent a lot of time in reflecting on the operation mode of photography instead of keeping researching skills. In my opinion, this was caused by my desire to explore the experience of existentialism and thickness of time to a great extent. While paying attention to these problems for a long term, I have developed subjectivity and self-awareness secretly. In the nature of things, photography is a key opportunity to explore identity and the world instead of a method to make a living at the beginning.

Photos can only bring something indeed as a simple record instead of a kind of art.

– Takuma Nakahira

Artistic photography will guide concepts, while documentary photography will enhance morality. Among art, documentaries and records, records abandoning figures of speech are the most direct and complete photography. Language is the result of reflection after arousing logic and the organization of the world by yourself. Driven by instinct as a record, photography shows the nature as an option for photographers under given conditions and the result of value judgement after observing the self-awareness. Therefore, The significance of these photos lies at why they are taken instead of the actions of taking them. The moment of pressing the shutter is the key. At that time, real environment and inward world can be mixed to a homogeneous and plane visual expression. Photography needs to grasp this chaotic moment and record it before separation, so as to realize a reality, namely, the situation that it’s raining shall be described as the scene that it’s raining instead of other descriptions.

So, Everything undoubtedly happens in an ambiguous field where the self on one side and the world on the other side are dissolved. In addition, the so-called poems were born in this ambiguous field. Language literature is maybe the largest difference between people and animals. However, languages are limited by present vocabularies. Therefore, with regard to the most useful language for the best communication, there is a part hardly to be described. However, these indescribable and unobservable self-awareness segments can be captured by ambiguous photos. These photos are like a cicada slough of self-soul. From another perspective, photography lights up some subconsciousness, which appears self-profile softly. In the meantime, special vocabularies of inner dialogues are created and used. In virtue of this poetry language, photographers can pry into and set up identity.

After selecting photography as a self-writing method, i am personalizing the real world maximally. However, the amplification of personal experience cannot replace social experience. These photos are projecting the images of the world on photographers instead of using their original sign functions of indicating realities. Rather than life fragments or soul prospects, these photos are forming a new second reality and attracting me to seek trust and reality. In the meantime, I realized the implied danger of swallowing and destroying identity; if excessive self-debate is conducted in this way, photographers will be pushed away from the real and complete world. Therefore, in order to get long with photography forever, a relationship at an arm’s length shall be maintained, which will lead to the continuous disassembly and rebirth of self-awareness. I will keep bearing and reflecting on it.

Anyway, photography shall solve own problems. The explorations of photos shall be spontaneous instead of catering to game rules. On the road to the sacred mountain of self-soul, photography is a pioneer undoubtedly. Happiness, pain and other possibilities in progress will motivate me to make a pilgrimage to the heart as the source of attracting my power of photography.






所以,这一切无疑发生在一个暧昧的领域,其中溶解了此岸的“我”与彼岸的“世界”,也正是在这个暧昧的领域, 才诞生了所谓的“诗”。说起语言文字,这大概是人与动物最大的区别之一,然而语言文字始终会受制于现有的词汇,因此就算用最好的语言做最好的沟通,也仍然会有表达不了的部分,而这部分无法描摹、难以探查的自我意识断片却能够在拍摄中被“暧昧”的影像所捕捉,这些影像就如同自我灵魂的蝉蜕,用另一种视角来看的话,摄影照亮了一部分潜意识,使自我的轮廓柔和地浮现出来,同时,一种与内心对话的特殊语汇也由此被创造和使用,藉由这种“诗”的语言,我得以窥探自我、确立自我。